Wire Harnesses

The latest technology in the hands of experienced professionals, makes Affiliated Products the OEM’s first choice. Whether you require a wire harness made to an existing spec, or have a rough draft that will require proto-typing , Affiliated Products is up to the task. Our team of experienced technicians and assemblers utilize state of the art equipment such as computer electrical testers, ultra-sonic welders, and ink-jet wire markers to assure both speed and accuracy with every wire harness we produce. This translates into both product dependably, and most importantly, product affordability.

Cable Assemblies

Affiliated Products Mayville WI Cable Assembly

Jacketed multi-conductor cable assemblies and battery cables of all sizes are our specialty. Affiliated Products fabricates a full spectrum of cable assemblies that serve many different industries. In our cable assembly manufacturing processes, we can over mold as well as custom laser engrave the cable connectors for a clean, cost-effective look. All of our cable assemblies are 100% electrically tested so that they will perform the first time, every time.

Electromechanical Assemblies

Affiliated Products Mayville WI Electromechanical Assembly

When it comes to box builds, dash panels, and other electro-mechanical sub-assemblies, Affiliated Products can make these in either prototype or production quantities. Always 100% electrically tested, our electro-mechanical assemblies are installed into a variety of equipment serving many different industries.